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When visiting Beloit, you can explore our spectacular Powerhouse, two museums, and the groundbreaking Center for Entrepreneurship. We’ll show you the spaces where you’ll eat, study, workout, and sleep too.

Let Beloiters show you campus through an interactive Summer Visit Day on August 5, or you can take a tailored weekday tour anytime. If you can’t make it to campus — or if you visit and start to miss us as soon as you leave — you can attend as many virtual visits as you like.

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Opportunities Abound

Creative writers wanted

Identified as having one of the top 25 creative writing programs in the country (The College Post), Beloit’s English department encourages you to explore literature through innovative course offerings and student opportunities.

You can learn to evaluate and edit the works of fellow students on campus as a tutor at the Writing Center. Or join the Beloit Fiction Journal, one of the country’s few world-renowned journals edited solely by undergraduates. Or write poems and short stories for student literary magazine Pocket Lint.

The world (of English) is your oyster at Beloit.

More about English at Beloit

Students enjoying the evening Beloit Fiction Journal class

  • Gatter Tran?22 completed an internship with Vietnam Television in summer 2020 before creating his…
    Gatter Tran’22 completed an internship with Vietnam Television in summer 2020 before creating his own BeloitTV show, “In the Mode.”
    Ambitious Students 

    Meet Beloit’s next fashion critic-turned-TV personality

    Before graduating this May, media studies major Gatter Tran’22 created a five-part, fashion-forward TV show called “In the Mode.” His editing chops, creativity, and outgoing personality earned him a unique summer internship at Vietnam Television.

    Now, he’s on his way to making a splash in the fashion world.

    Read Gatter’s story 
Unique Experiences

Falling in love with research

Ericka Corral’22’s love of computer science might have made a research university the obvious choice for college. However, Ericka wanted to take classes in more than one subject, including Japanese and music, and the flexibility to change their mind.

First in their family to graduate from elementary school, Ericka will soon begin Ph.D. studies in computer science.

Their goal? Find solutions to real-world problems.

Read Ericka’s story

Beloit College graduate Ericka Corrall’22

  • Professor Jill Budny and Cameron Dieter?16
    Professor Jill Budny and Cameron Dieter’16
    Beloiters are All In

    Cameron Dieter’16

    “A political theorist, Professor Jill Budny arranged to hold a seminar with students from other colleges to compare and contrast Shakespeare as a political strategist with Machiavelli and others. She invited me and a few other students along, and then quizzed us on the salient points of the discussion during the two-hour ride home.

    “During my senior year, she also invited me and about 30 students over to her house for dinner — in Milwaukee. And we all went, that’s how much we thought of her.

    “It was no surprise that, with such dedication, Professor Budny won the Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award. And it’s no secret that brilliant mentors like her are what makes a Beloit education priceless.”

    “That’s why I’m ‘All In’ for Beloit.”

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  • Associate Dean DeVon Wilson?90 and Tory Key?03
    Associate Dean DeVon Wilson’90 and Tory Key’03
    Beloiters are All In

    Tori Key’03

    “As director of the McNair Scholars Program, Associate Dean DeVon Wilson’90 was a fierce advocate for first-generation minority students like me to work through our self-doubt and go on to graduate studies, many as Ph.Ds.”

    “That’s why I’m ‘All In’ for Beloit.”

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  • Professor Laura Grube and Hernan Santacruz
    Professor Laura Grube and Hernan Santacruz
    Beloiters are All In

    Hernan Santacruz’19

    “On my first day at Beloit, Professor Laura Grube made an immediate impact with the devotion and care she showed for her subject matter and for the students there to learn it.

    “In my case, her devotion extended thousands of miles to my hometown of Quito, where her connections helped me land a summer internship at Ecuador’s largest private bank.

    “That’s why I’m ‘All In’ for Beloit.”

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  • Professor John Kaufmann and Jishnu Guha?13
    Professor John Kaufmann and Jishnu Guha’13
    Beloiters are All In

    Jishnu Guha’13

    “Professor John Kaufmann’s infectious enthusiasm, passion, and commitment while directing me in several Beloit theater productions such as Kid Simple: A Radio Play In The Flesh and The Lady From The Sea. That is why I’m a filmmaker today.”

    “That’s why I’m ‘All In’ for Beloit.”

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  • Professor Suzanne Cox and Charlie Baxter
    Professor Suzanne Cox and Charlie Baxter
    Beloiters are All In

    Charlie Baxter’14

    “Professor Suzanne Cox had such faith in me as an individual: she wrote a strong recommendation that led to my Honors Term project even though my GPA was slightly under the 3.2 minimum required to apply. This act of grace allowed me to help establish a student leadership program at Beloit, and it launched my career in experiential learning.”

    “That’s why I’m ‘All In’ for Beloit.”

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  • Ron Watson and Hannah Yee
    Ron Watson and Hannah Yee
    Beloiters are All In

    Hannah Yee’19

    “Professor Ron Watson guided my Honors Term Project, which focused on the intersection between Rock County’s rate of sexually transmitted infections and the opioid epidemic. He pushed me to collaborate with community organizations, collect ethnographies and use my findings to inform the work of the Beloit Public Health Initiative.

    “That’s why I’m ‘All In’ for Beloit.”

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